Our Mission

We are a non-profit charitable organization (501(c)(3)) serving the Greater Seattle population. Our mission is to promote the Maharashtrian cultural ties and tradition within the community, to promote events and activities that help maintain the cultural heritage of Maharashtra, a western state in India. We also invest back in the community by hosting charity events.

Seattle Maharashtra Mandal was formed on April 27th 1993.

Our Tax Id is: 91-1599770

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Below are some of the activities we are involved in:

Activities we are Involved In

Cultural and Religious Events

We organize and celebrate the Marathi festivals like Makar Sankrant, Holi, Ganeshotsav, and Diwali. These festivals give the community a chance to renew their cultural and religious ties and provide unique opportunities to the children to learn about Marathi culture and heritage.

Art Events and Competitions

We host several competitions to promote the Marathi art and culinary skills – Akash Kandil (Traditional Sky Light), Rangoli (art of drawing motifs on the floor), Marathi cuisine competitions. We also provide platform to the local talents in Music and Dance by organizing performances and events in performing arts.

Charity Events

We invest back in the community by organizing various charity events – periodic food-cloth drives, fundraisers (Tsunami, Katrina, etc). We have donated money to organization providing education to under privileged children in India. We have also participated in ‘Adopt a family for Christmas’ and have adopted families.

Social Events

We organize social events like picnic and fun-fairs to encourage people getting together as a community. During these events we host sports camps (Cricket) and tournaments for kids that helps them learn the sports that are played in India and enjoy the outdoors.

Theater Events

Each year, we organize theater production show feature the best of Marathi theatre. Keeping the theatrical tradition alive, we present plays in Marathi performed by talented local artists. We also, organize Natak Mohatsav (Drama Festival) performed by professional theatrical groups from India.


We annually publish a magazine – Sarathi – with verity of literary articles poems, etc., to promote local Marathi writers, poets as well as to provide unique to the children to learn about Marathi literature and also enable to contribute to it. We also publish a Newsletter – “Sa. Na. Vi. Vi.” (approximately monthly), to keep the community aware of various community events and activities.

Our History

(If you have more info or photos, please send them to webmaster@seattlemm.org, we will update the website with the info you provided.)

  • Meet 2019 Executive Committee
  • Sankrant
  • SMM Talent show
  • Kids Camp and Sr citizens meetup
  • SMM Picnic
  • Ganeshotsav
  • Dandiya
  • Diwali celebrations at Bellevue Square
  • Diwali
  • Meet 2018 Executive Committee
  • Sankrant
  • SMM Silver Jubilee Celebrations
  • SMM Talent show
  • Musical – Marathi Astitva
  • Marathi comedy natak – Nau Koti Sattavaan Lakh
  • Kids Camp and Sr citizens meetup
  • SMM Picnic
  • Amhi Ani Amche Baap
  • Ganeshotsav
  • SMM Business Event
  • Dandiya
  • Diwali celebrations at Bellevue Square
  • Diwali
  • New membership record of 500+ members
  • New website started on occasion of Gudhi Padwa.
  • Membership established a new record of 328
  • Katyar Kaljat Ghusli movie shown in two theaters at one time, attended by 550 attendees!
  • Membership reached a record 273
  • SMM started Marathi school.
  • SMM celebrated 50 years of the formation of the state of Maharashtra.
  • Shown 2 shows of “Mee Shivaji Raje Bhosale Boltoy” movie attended by 500+ members
  • Hosted “Ayushyavar Bolu Kaahi” event.
  • Swarali group’s musical show.
  • SMM started offering 4 free programs every year – Sankrant, Holi, Picnic, and Ganeshotsav.
  • BMM Convention held in Seattle, attended by 2700+ attendees, the most profitable Convention until then, and first one to divert part of surplus to charities.
  • At BMM Convention in Atlanta, SMM proposed for the next Convention to be held in Seattle
  • SMM representation by Swarali at BMM Convention in New York
  • First Natya-Mahotsav with by Suyog Productions.
  • For the first time an SMM-program was hosted by another mandal – Moruchi Maushi hosted by Oregon Marathi Mandal
  • Sarathi, SMM’s annual magazine is inaugurated.

Marathi Nataks Over the Years

The Seattle Maharashtra Mandal has a great tradition to host, and bring Marathi Nataks to all our members. The following are various Nataks brought by the Mandal over the years:

  • 1993 – <please let us know if you know this!>
  • 1994 – Tumche Amche Gaane (Ratnakar Matkari)
  • 1995 – Wichha Mazi Puri Kara
  • 1996 – Shantecha karta chaalu aahe
  • 1997 – Shrikrishnachi Raam Kahani
  • 1998 – Moruchi Maushi
  • 1999 – Kanadiney kela Marathi Bhratar
  • 2000 – Lekuray Udanda Jaali, First Natya Mahotsav by Suyog productions
  • 2001 – Soujanyachi Aishi Taishi
  • 2002 – Dinuchya Sasubai Radhabai
  • 2003 – Waryawarchi Waraat & Eka Rawiwarchi Kahani
  • 2004 – Lagnachi Bedi
  • 2005 – Jawaee Maza Bhala
  • 2006 – <please let us know if you know this!>
  • 2007 – Chaar Diwas Premache
  • 2008 – Gela Madhav Kunikade
  • 2009 – Ab Tera Kya Hoga & Mhais
  • 2010 – Yada Kadachit and Matichya Bhinti
  • 2011 – No nataks this year, Martahi DJ Program was held
  • 2012 – Aasu ani Hasu & Tee Phularani
  • 2013 – Eka Lagnachi Goshta & Standup Comedy Show
  • 2014 – Nataks by CalAA and San Diego mandal, also Natya Mahotsav
  • 2015 – Samewar Taali & Sangeet Vastraharan
  • 2016 – Sangeet Vastraharan, Selfie, Kaarti Kaljaat Ghusli
  • 2017 – Shantech karta chalu aahe
  • 2018 – Nau Koti Sattavvan Lakh, Amhi Ani Amche Baap
  • 2022 – Asrunchi Zaali Phule (April) (Subodh Bhave, Shailesh Datar, Umesh Jagtap and Seema Deshmukh)
  • 2022 – Moruchi Mavshi (October) (Bharat Jadhav in Lead role)

We are committed to make SMM the best resource to help maintain the cultural heritage of Maharashtra. Here are our numbers to prove it!

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