SMM Advertisements Info

The Seattle Maharashtra Mandal would like to announce the following advertising tariff for products or services from local businesses as well as non-profit organizations. The rates are as follows:

Any miscellaneous amounts can be paid with this link

  • $25/month: email blasts (at least one instance a month). It will be free for Non-profit organizations if advertisers provide member discount to SMM Members for their show. Please contact
  • $50/month: website
  • $50/Event: a Promo table/3 Hrs at event venue – No Sales
  • $100/event: a booth at any event

P.S.: The SMM reserves the right to accept/deny all advertisements content upon review.

You can use the forms below to pay for advertisements:

Email Newsletter Ads ($25 per month)

Ads on Website ($50 per month):

Vendor Booth with sales at SMM events ($100 per event):

In case if you want to sell, provide samples, stay with the booth providing info and promoting product/services.


Display Booth (no sales/no person) at SMM events ($50 per event):

Just a table for display board will be provided.  No person or sales are allowed to stay at the table.