Dear Members of Seattle Maharashtra Mandal,

It gives me great pleasure to let you know that our current membership count has reached 506. This is the first time in history of SMM and is a huge landmark for our community. Our membership count has always been hovered around 200 mark for quite some time in recent years. Last year we broke 300 mark (327 to be exact) and this year we have gone past 500. This is extremely encouraging achievement as we look forward to grand celebrations for 25th anniversary next year!!

Also, it means that our responsibility has increased in same proportions. We were able to bring the biggest lineup of programs by far this year due to increased interest of the Marathi community in India as well as tremendous response from you all. I cannot say enough about the efforts whole 2016 Executive Committee has put in to make this all possible. Of course it would not have been possible without your support and the efforts of the past ECs who laid the foundation. We are committed to keep this going up and up with your help. Ultimately this is “our” Mandal and it is going to deliver what we as a community want and work towards.

We have made some significant changes in modes of communication with revamping our website, updating email blast structure and updates with Facebook. We would like more feedback from you with respect to what you want SMM to deliver, and we will try to see how we can get it done.

Looking forward to continued growth and prosperity of our community!

Yours Sincerely,
Ameet Joshi
President, SMM

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  • Congratulations and thanks to SMM. We really appreciate all the hard work you put in to arrange array of programs. We have attended number of good programs and hope to do so in the future. We have been members for 10 years (since we moved to Seattle) and make every effort to attend all the programs. All the technical changes are fine but I miss interaction. I remember when committee members talked to us and made effort to know us and make us feel part of Marathi group. We see a lot of non-Indian programs where we buy tickets and go – even there organizers make every effort to talk to attendees(more than 500) and I feel part of English theater and know them. I would like committee members to mingle during meals – programs- picnics- to make everyone feel part of it especially senior people who are not in groups or with children. It used to be and I miss that. Otherwise it is like going to any other program by buying ticket and not feeling connected. I know you are all busy but take turns. Decide on 2 persons each time. This is just a suggestion to make it friendly in this web world. Once again wishing you all the best and thanking you again.
    Best Regards, Anu Amlekar

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  • I have purchased tickets for Ganesh utsav tomorrow. Haven’t received confirmation email yet for tickets bought. But have
    Receipt no 3852076533501956
    Hope that will give us Mahaprasad entry.
    Charu S.

  • That’s great to know!
    Makes me wonder what’s the total number of marathi people in the Greater Seattle area. 500 – 1000? More?
    Maybe its time for someone to start a Marathi restaurant. How about starting with Vada Pav, providing excellent service and later expanding to Zhunka Bhakar and much more! 🙂


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